Ljubljana Youth Hostel Tresor

Book your stay at the Ljubljana Youth Hostel Tresor Hostel located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Click on Book Now to find more information on the Ljubljana Youth Hostel Tresor hostel as well prices and latest availability. We’re passionate advocates of sustainable travel and are dedicated to connecting young people and local communities in a peaceful and respectful way. Europe/Ljubljana (+01:00) | 46.052 | 14.504764 Getting to the hostel: The airport is situated about 26 km from city centre and has a direct shuttle bus service. If you require any assistance with transportation feel free to contact our reception.Nearest airports are: Zagreb Graz Trieste. Buses no. 1 2 3 6 9 11 14 23 and 27 all stop at the “Pošta” or “Konzorcij” bus stops closest to the hostel. Bus fares are paid using the Urbana municipal card. No parking is available near the hostel since we are within the pedestrian-only zone in the city centre.

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Čopova ulica 38, Ljubljana, 1000, Slovenia