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6 reasons to book with HI


Support a charity and 63 not-for-profit Youth Hostel Associations

Hostelling international is a charity based in the UK, setup in 1932 to spread the hostelling movement.  We try to ensure there is a Youth Hostel Association in each country to give young people a safe, clean and affordable way to travel, explore and make friends.  We have 63 Youth Hostel Associations to date who are not-for-profits.   We believe our network of not-for-profit Youth Hostel Associations saves young people between £200m and £650m per year ensuring the can explore more!  Booking with us also helps them to invest in good work like offering free holidays for school children.

The only place you can find all our hostels

We believe less than 1000 of our 3,900 hostels are on other booking engines hence the only place you can find all of them is with us or by visiting each Youth Hostel Associations website.  In addition, all our Youth Hostel Associations treat as a direct selling channel hence you’ll ordinarily find all of the beds and rooms rather than just a handful.  In short, we’re the best place to book your HI hostel!

Save money, better rates than online travel agents

In a recent survey of our Youth Hostel Associations, 61% of them told us that they give us direct rates that are better than the rates they give to online travel agents.   We have no booking fees.  If you want access to the best rates, come to

The best place to buy membership

We are the only site to sell digital membership on behalf of all our Youth Hostel Assocations.  Membership will either give you access to ‘members only’ hostels or get you 10% off the price of staying in hostels that are open to all.  It also gives you thousands of other savings negotiated by us and our Youth Hostel Associations.   Buying digital is good for the environment at the same time!

Help the hostels keep costs low

Hi try and collect the minimum amount of cost from the hostels to power our technology which is typically 4% to 8% of the value of your stay.  Other booking channels charge 12% to 20% hence booking on other sites will drive up the cost of operating hostels and make them less sustainable.  Up to half of that cost with other booking channels is profit for their shareholders.   If you want to ensure that hostels remain sustainable and open to future generations, book via

Easy to use

We measure our user satisfaction via online review portal trustpilot and as of Feb 2017 scored 8.3./10.  You can read all our reviews by heading over to and if you have an idea for how we can improve, email us directly at