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Hostelling International Tripbook for


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Hang glide over some of the world's most fashionable beaches in Brazil. Enjoy the natural riches of the Amazonia Rainforest and of the Brazilian Savannah. Wash your soul in one of the countless waterfalls in the heart of Brazil. Visit Brasilia, a unique city and world heritage site. Brazil is a land of extremes. From thundering rivers to breathtaking waterfalls, Brazil has vast untrodden rainforests and sandy shores stretching further than the eye can see. And the Brazilian people themselves are as colourful and exuberant as their country. Rio de Janeiro is almost legendary for its vibrant, party mood as well as its spectacular location between hills and sea. Salvador da Bahia is full of music, historic buildings and its perfectly preserved colonial heritage. This country's hostels are well positioned to take in the zest of city life as well as the natural wonders of the Iguazu Falls, the glorious coastline and the wildlife-rich wetlands of the Pantanal.