Who we are?

The International Youth Hostel Federation, operating as HI today was founded in 1932 by the Youth Hostel Associations of the time to unite hostels around the world and grow the hostelling movement. Today HI is the largest youth hostel network in the world with 60 Member Associations operating over 2,650 hostels in hundreds of amazing destinations.

Located in some of the world’s most inspiring locations, all our hostels meet the HI standards, which guarantee a range of good quality safe accommodation, in friendly surroundings at affordable prices. HI hostels welcome everyone and especially those who want to explore the world and meet people! From solo travellers, couples, friends to families and groups there is a place and an experience for all.

Our unique mission was one of the earliest definitions of sustainable travel and to this day staying in hostels not only is a low impact style of travel but also contributes to the community. HI’s 3.3 million members are a thriving community of like-minded travellers that are eager to discover the world and its people.

Information about the charity and our annual reports can be found on the Charity Commission for England & Wales’ website. 

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