Why travel with HI?

Support not-for-profit Youth Hostel Associations 

The International Youth Hostel Federation or Hostelling international is a charity based in the UK, setup in 1932 to spread the hostelling movement.  Since the first hostel in 1907, 62 not-for-profits Youth Hostel Associations have joined HI to provide travellers a safe, clean and affordable way to travel, explore and make friends. Today over 3,000 hostels worldwide share our mission and values to make travel more sustainable and accessible.

Sustainable hostelling for a better world 

We believe in the power of travel to broaden horizons and open minds. In hostels travellers can meet people from all over the world, discover local culture and themselves. Hostels are the earliest example of sustainable travel, by sharing facilities, using resources mindfully and learning from others we protect our environment and make it thrive for others to enjoy. Learn more about Sustainable Hostelling.  

Join A Community Of Travellers

Become part of a global community of like-minded travellers who stay in hostels and are members of HI. The people you meet during your travels are sometimes the most different and unexpected, those are the one that make you grow and see the world differently.  
Wherever you live you can buy your membership online now and start using your benefits even before you travel! Members get access to member rates or a discount on accommodation in all HI hostels as well as travel-related saving.  

Book Direct, Avoid Commissions

By booking your hostel stays directly with our not-for-profit member associations and not via online travel agencies you know where your money goes and that it stays within the organisation you chose, no commission goes to 3rd party corporations. You will always get the best rate on the member’s website and your member benefits will always be guaranteed.