Join a Community of Travellers!

By becoming a member of Hostelling International or any of its 60 Member Associations around the world you join a global community of like-minded travellers and support a network of not-for-profit Youth Hostel Associations. As well as getting access to member rates or a discount on accommodation in all HI hostels worldwide, the membership also offers thousands of travel discounts at home and abroad.

Find out more about local discounts on our partners’ sites in the table below and check locally with your HI hostel on arrival for details of other great benefits which can include; reduced-price admission to attractions and museums, discounts on meals, transportation and lots more. 

We are the world’s largest network of safe, clean and fun hostels, and we offer our members exclusive rates and benefits. As a member of our community you chose to travel sustainably and support a network of hostels with a social and environmental purpose. Find out more about our Mission and programmes here. 

Reasons to become a HI member today

How to become a member? 

There a number of ways you can join the Hostelling International community:

  • Purchase a membership online now.
  • Purchase a membership when you arrive at a HI hostel.
  • Purchase a membership before your trip from your nearest HI Hostel, Youth Hostel Association office or membership selling outlet. 

Membership conditions per destination 

In some destinations membership is compulsory to stay in HI hostels, so please check in advance of your stay. To find out what’s on offer in the countries/areas where you are travelling, follow the links below – these will take you to the member discounts pages on the Member Association website.  

In some cases, you will need to be a member of the local association in order to redeem the discount.  Please check at a local level what is applicable. Don’t forget to ask about local discounts at the hostels where you stay. 

Destination Membership  required Member discount
on accommodation
National Travel Discounts
Algeria Yes No – Member rates only  
Australia Yes No – Member rates only Australia: English
Austria ÖJHV Yes No – Member rates only Austria OJHV: English | German
Austria ÖJHW Yes No – Member rates only Austria OJHW: German
Belgium LAJ Yes No – Member rates only Belgium LAJ (Brussels & Wallonia): English | French
Belgium VJH No Yes Belgium (Flanders):  English | French
Bolivia No Yes  
Bosnia & Herzegovina No Yes  
Brazil No Yes  
Canada No Yes Canada: English | French
Chile No Yes  
China No Yes  
Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) No Yes  

Croatia Yes No – Member rates only  
Czech Republic No Yes  
Denmark No Yes Denmark: English | Danish
Egypt No Yes  
England & Wales No Yes England & Wales: English
Finland No Yes Finland: English | Finnish
France Yes No – Member rates only France: French
Germany Yes No – Member rates only Germany: English | German
Hong Kong Yes No – Member rates only Hong Kong: English
Hungary No Yes  
Iceland No Yes Iceland: English
India Yes No – Member rates only India: English
Ireland (Northern) No Yes Ireland (Northern): English
Ireland (Republic of) No Yes  
Israel No Yes  
Japan Yes No – Member rates only  
Jordan No Yes  
Korea (South) No Yes Korea (South): Korean | English
Lebanon No Yes  
Libya Yes No – Member rates only  
Luxembourg No Yes Luxembourg: English | French | German
Malaysia No Yes  
Morocco No Yes  
Netherlands No Yes Netherlands: Dutch | English
New Zealand No Yes New Zealand: English
Norway No Yes  
Pakistan Yes No – Member rates only  
Philippines No Yes  
Poland No Yes  
Portugal Yes No – Member rates only  
Qatar No Yes  
Romania No Yes  
Saudi Arabia Yes No – Member rates only  
Scotland Yes No – Member rates only Scotland: English
Serbia No Yes    Serbia: English | Serbian

Slovenia No Yes Slovenia: Slovenian | English
Spain Yes No – Member rates only Spain: Spanish
Switzerland No Yes Switzerland: English | French | German
Tunisia No Yes  
UAE No Yes  

Uruguay No Yes  
USA Yes No – Member rates only USA: English