At the top of many a bucket list, Australia is a vast and fascinating country unlike anywhere else on Earth. From golden sands and rolling surf, to lush rainforests and ven snow-capped mountains – Australia is full of opportunities for adventure. Who wouldn’t want to explore the land Down Under to the full?

Roof top at YHA Sydney Harbour

Our member organisation YHA Australia has the best standards, and the cleanest, most convenient properties in the country with a variety of options to suit any type of traveller from private rooms with ensuites to shared facilities and co-living options. You will love these quality, fun, hostels in some of the best locations around the country.

As home to the world’s oldest continual cultures, Australia,  – those of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples. No group of people on Earth can lay claim to a more intimate knowledge of their Country, and witnessing and learning these ancient cultures first hand is an enlightening and often moving experience. Discover authentic experience with YHA Australia. 

Your Aussie adventure awaits!

Experience dazzling sun, luscious rainforests, unique wildlife, laid-back people, and some of the best beaches in the world. 

If you’re a curious traveller and want a memorable trip start planning your journey through Australia!