The city of Aachen is well-known for its unique site at the Three-Country-Point, the CHIO world festivity of equestrian sport and the „Dom“ which was recorded in the UNESCO world heritage list as the first German cultural site. Obviously, the most famous resident of the city until now is Charlemagne, who reside especially during the winter months in Aachen. You like to know why?

Not that for the tasty „Aachener Printen“- they were invented not until the 19th century- but to have a bath in the hot springs to ease his gout. Interesting and thrilling stories are growing around the city, its structures and residents. Come along- a visit pays off!

Welcome to Europe- welcome to the youth hostel Aachen 

With its 60.000 students Aachen is a young, cosmopolitan and vibrant city. This also applies to the youth hostel Aachen. As a euro-regional guesthouse it is a community centre for people from all over the world. This is not just because of the house itself which offers with a common room, a sun patio and ten bright conference rooms many opportunities for an exchange. Furthermore, its site makes the youth hostel an ideal accommodation for travellers from all over Europe and beyond. From here you can set out to leisure-activities in the imperial city, in the Eifel and in the neighbouring countries Belgium and Netherlands. Hiking-freaks will discover the region for example on the border-routes; cycling-fans on the optimally developed cycle path network. Also for families there is a lot to experience, for example the cost-free family-sunday at the museums or at the Three-Country-Point. Here not just a wonderful view is awaiting you but also the Three-Country-Labyrint. Are you able to escape the wrong track?

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Maria-Theresia-Allee 260, 52074 Aachen, Germany