Albahah Area

Al-Baha Youth Hostel lies in Al-Baha Region, 15 kilometers away from the city centre, on the road to the airport. It is one of the utilities of King Saud Sports City which occupies more than 44 square kilometers. The hotel provides a package of services to its users and hostellers such as cultural, social, sports events along with its hosting for various competitions all year round and during different occasions. Al-Baha Youth Hostel is located in a quiet place, the thing which makes it an ideal location and a wonderful place for camping and holding many other activities and events. Getting to the hostel: The nearest airport is Al-Baha National Airport which is about 40 kilometers away from the hostel headquarters. One can arrive from the airport to the hostel by public coaches . ( 14 usd ) Al-Baha Youth Hostel lies inside the Sports City and is surrounded by gardens swimming pools as well as activity rooms. It is located in the northeast of Al-Baha City on the road which leads to the airport beside the Administration of the Preventive Security in Al-Baha Region.

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Alaqeeq Rd, Saud Bin Abdul Aziz Sports City, PO Box 52, AlbahahSaudi Arabia