Bad Honnef

Obviously, Bad Honnef is something like the jack of all trades device amongst the holiday destinations in the Rhineland. Here one can be active for example at a cycling-tour or a walk beside the Rhine or start slow at a boat-trip. Whoever lets his eye wander over the Siebengebirge will probably feel like doing a hike. Not without a cause the legendary rock „Drachenfels“ is the mostly climbed mountain in Europe. Especially children love the numerous stories and myths which are growing around this place and are searching feverish for the traces of the dragon. Whoever wants to gaze at the castle ruin and to enjoy the unique view over the Rhine Valley without much endeavour, will comfortably come to the destination with Germany`s longest-serving rack railway. The „Nice at the Rhine“, how Bad Honnef is named too, was furthermore the residence of many famous personalities. The „Konrad-Adenauer-Haus“ in Rhöndorf strings the bow over five epochs of German history from the empire to the young „Bundesrepublik Deutschland“.

One for all- the youth hostel Bad Honnef

The youth hostel Bad Honnef is as versatile as the city itself. In the comfortable rooms – all equipped with shower and toilets- school classes are feeling fine as well as families and individual guests. Also music- and conference groups like to come to the youth hostel Bad Honnef. The house has various stages, an own amphitheatre, 8 common rooms -three located in the seminar-section- and barrier-free rooms available. In the evening time the guests are coming together, swinging the cooking spoon in the on-site kitchen or shaking a leg in the discotheque.

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Selhofer Str. 106, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany