Cal Pons (Puig-Reig)

This facility, owned by the Puig-reig City Council, is part of an old textile colony, one of the many that were built in the golden age of textiles in Catalonia. The building was rehabilitated as a youth hostel in 2012.

The building that houses the new Cal Pons hostel was, among others, an old school, promoted by the owners of the colony themselves for the training of the workers’ daughters.

The hostel is located south of the urban center of Puig-reig, in the Berguedà region. In the surroundings of the house we find the Cal Pons grove, the Torre Nueva and the church of Sant Josep, all of which are part of the architectural complex of Colonia Pons. Part of these public facilities and services are managed by the Llobregat Fluvial Park.

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C/ Plaça Sant Josep, Puig-reig, s/n . 08692, Spain