Changbai Mountain Pine Fruit International Youth Hostel

Changbai Mountain Pine Fruit International Youth Hostel is located in the central area of Erdaobaihe Town, Chibei District, Changbai Mountain Conservation and Development Zone. In June 2018, it was newly renovated and opened to create a brand-new characteristic Youth Hostel. Guitars and African drums are included in the public area of the hostel, as well as various table games for tourists to relax. Downstairs, there are city shared bicycles, bicycle ride for five minutes to beauty pine garden, Changbai Mountain Museum of Nature and other attractions. The back street of the hostel is the famous Wild Duck Lake. The Chinese Autumn Duck plays in the water (flying ducks). It is the most beautiful scenery in Changbai Mountain. It is 30 kilometers away from the North Scenic Spot of Changbai Mountain, 80 kilometers away from Shanxi scenic spot of Changbai Mountain and 80 kilometers away from Changbai Mountain Airport. The hotel is located in Baishan Street, the main street of the town. It is a street of catering, bar entertainment and barbecue. Changbai Mountain Pineal International Youth Hostel has a total of 27 rooms, where you will find a suitable nest for you, providing the services of pick-up carpooling and chartering at North Slope, West Slope, South Slope and Changbai Mountain Airport, through carpooling at Antu, Dunhua and Yanji, as well as to Changbai Mountain, Snow Village, Harbin, Snow Valley and Jilin in winter. Linwuluo Island, Yabuli Skiing Ground and other through-train services.

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Building 5, Bibo Jiayuan, Baishan Street, Chibei district, Changbai Mountain Protection Development Zone, Yanbian, Jilin, 22China