Danhostel Faxe

Danhostel Faxe Vandrerhjem lies at the scenic heart of the town with an incredibly lovely view over the Fakse Limestone Quarry where you can go in search of 63 million year old sharks’ teeth and fossils. Fossils from the Limestone Quarry can also be examined at the Faxe Geological Museum. Faxe is an extremely well-stocked shopping town. The area offers a wealth of excursion opportunities. Spend a day at Bonbonland; visit Kongsted Paragliding Club (Svæveklubben), Trines House and Blåbæk Mills or take in a bird’s eye view of the Limestone Quarry from the Water Tower. If the weather isn’t so good, you can go to the cinema which always has the latest movies on show.

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Østervej 4, Faxe 4640, Denmark