Danhostel Sakskøbing

The town’s landmark, the smiling water tower, welcomes you – even if a cloud momentarily blocks the sun. The inner streets of Sakskøbing are dominated by supermarkets and a good variety of speciality shops. Old well-preserved buildings give the town a special atmosphere. The oldest church is from the 13th century, beautifully located by the square with stately buildings such as the former public school and the town’s hotel. Strolling through town you can sense a touch of history in the functioning smithy, forge, or pay your respects to the Turnip Girl statue. Danhostel Sakskøbing was built in 1979 and offers a recreational and active environment in a bright and well-maintained building. The hostel is a good base for trips to the islands of Lolland, Falster and Møn. Please note that HI membership discount will only be applied to the room rate.

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Saxe's Alle 10, Sakskøbing, 4990, Denmark