Dongsha Ancient Town International Youth Hostel

very small and very warm, only 6 rooms, have independent bathroom, all over the country gathered into a big family. Adapt to the crowd: Gourmet, outdoor sports enthusiasts, find inspiration, cat control, photography control and long life in the haze of the people. Method of use: eat seafood, here is the heaven of large yellow croaker in the hometown, fish, shrimp and crab, fishing, sea bream, sea bass, grouper… Different seasons variety; seaside nameplates, dig the spiral, pry the oyster, picking up the sea melon seeds; control cats — Rice will have a cat to sell you Meng begging; photography nature is best colorist, inspiration emerge at any time; ornamental birds, egrets gulls frolic foraging, Grackle turtledove with a cat fight, the wild ducks flock; lung oxygen — here, the air containing oxygen is high, the sky was clear.

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No.1 Traffic route, Dongsha Town, Daishan City, Zhoushan, Zhejiang, 33China