Eastern Area – Alahsa Governorate

Al-Hasa Youth Hostel lies by Prince Faisal bin Fahd Road in Al-Hofuf, near the south district of educational employees. There are some restaurants near the hostel, some grocery shops, a service –car centre, some furnished apartments, few barber shops as well as a laundry. Getting to the hostel: Al-Hofuf Domestic Airport is considered the nearest airport to the hostel and is 15 kilometers away from the YH. So a hosteller can reach the airport through vast and well-asphalted roads The nearest station is Al-Hofuf Train Station which is about 10 kilometers away from the hostel and can easily be reached via a car.( 4:00 usd )

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Prince Abdallah Bin Galawi Sporting City, Alkhalidiyyah District, Hufuf, AlahsaSaudi Arabia