Hostel Fes is located in the city centre, just 100m from McDonalds’. It is only a 10 minute walk from either the CTM bus station or train station and easy accessible from the airport by taxi or bus. Close to all major sites and nightlife areas, this is an ideal base for exploring all that Fes has to offer. Hostel Fes has a great atmosphere with a young and dynamic team to ensure that you will have a pleasant stay in Morocco.Hostel Fes is open to all travellers, individuals, groups and families alike. Facilities include a free breakfast, free bed sheets, laundry, Wi-Fi, tourist information on excursions and itineraries such as Sahara trips.With some truly wonderful sights to see in Morocco, guests should try to fit in visits to the following: The Merinid Tombs, The Souks and the Fondouk el-Nejjarine. Getting to the hostel: The airport is located about 15km from the city. If you don’t have too much luggage take a ‘local bus’ (line 16) or you can choose a ‘taxi’ (cost 120-DH into town price is for the whole car).The is also now an ‘airport shuttle’ that costs ‘2Euro/20 DH’ for a single trip. it’s a new Volvo bus with a printout on the right side (Fez – Airport). It runs approximately every 30 minutes. It will take you to the train station and the ride is about 25-30 minutes. The ticket can be purchased on the bus.If you go from Fez to the airport the bus stop is on the left of the entrance to the train station. You can buy ticket in advance at the cash-desk at the bus stop. But allow plenty of time as departures can be erratic and it can take more than 1 hour to arrive to the airport. CTM bus station Fes ville nouvelle Taxi cost from station approx 7 or 8 dh. Parking nearby and chargeable on a daily basis. City center (ville nouvelle)Off Chefchaouni Bvd ;18 rue Abdessalam serghini. There is regular train service along the Marrakech to Oujda and Tangier to Oujda train lines.Eight arrivals daily from Marrakech. The train takes about eight hours and fifteen minutes (although delays are frequent) and costs exactly 295/195 dirhams. (First class / second class)The trip from Casablanca takes about 3 hours 20 to 4 hours 20 and costs 165/110 dirhams. (1st class/2nd class). High speed double decker trains are being phased in on this route in 2011.There are five trains per day from Tangier arriving after 4.5 hours at a cost of 155/105 dirhams (1st class/2nd class).From Rabat takes about two and a half to three hours and costs 75-105 dirhams.In summer train compartments can be hot with passengers standing everywhere when all seats are taken. While occasionally unreliable first class compartments are generally well air-conditioned with assigned and numbered seats.Be aware that there are hustlers operating on trains into Fez. See the Stay Safe and Cope sections below.A petit taxi between the train station the hostel costs about 10Dh with taxi meter. Insist on using the meter if necessary say ‘khdm l-koontoor’ (Work the counter) to the taxi driver.

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Rue Abdeslam Seghrini, Fes, 30000, Morocco