Freudenstadt – the real capital of Wuerttemberg? If the town’s founder Duke Frederick I had not died in 1608, the issue of which town should become the capital might have been decided differently.

Even though there is no palace, Freudenstadt is known as the largest market place in Germany where many shops under the arcades invite you to browse and shop.

Cultural events? From January to December, the town offers a wealth of cultural highlights. At the beginning of the year, the guild of fools, with up to 3,000 costumed participants, attracts lots of visitors to its parades. In the summer, the town festival, the Africa festival or the “Night of Magic” draw visitors under their spell.

Would you rather enjoy nature? Freudenstadt lies in a beautiful landscape. Walk for hours and really get to know the local countryside. Lost? Impossible. A well-marked network of trails will prevent you from getting lost.

The hostel is situated in the northern part of Freudenstadt. Right next to the hostel, there’s the “Panorama Bad” leisure facility with pools and sauna , where you can relax or just have fun. Later you may enjoy a latte macchiato in our bistro or on the sunny terrace.

Our cuisine – which always uses fresh ingredients – is excellent. Come and take pot luck.

Still not tired? How about a game of table tennis or table soccer? Or get onto a mountain bike right in front of our hostel, go high into the Black Forest and enjoy the sunset.

So come to Freudenstadt Youth Hostel. The team is looking forward to meeting you.

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