Fuhsing Youth Activity Center – Taoyuan

Fuhsing Youth Activity Center have several different building. The main residence consists of three buildings of different forms. The main building has four floors with basement and it gathers the multi-functions of education, recreation and service. Another building is the Japanese-style architecture with special tiles on the roof and red bricks on the wall. Constructed along with the contour of Fuhsing Terrace, the other building is the white architecture with elegant and simple look. In front of our center is the Chuehpanshan Park. Inside, there is a particular “Husband-and-Wife Tree”. The shape of “Husband-and-Wife Tree” is like that the two trees embrace each other and it represents the deep love between Mr. and Mrs. Chiang. Our YH surrounded by the flourishing and towering trees, and we love to provide two of eight-bed dormitories for YH guests, accommodation prices fluctuate with the different dates, and the price includes buffet-style breakfast, sheets and clean private bathroom. We also have lounge area, grocery store and Internet at public area.Other facilities include outdoor Biyashan Cafe, Internet at public area. If you are interesting about learning professional mountain training of rock-climbing and surviving skills. The Shiayuan Project Adventure Educational Base is within driving distance about 10 ~ 12 minutes to arrive.Fuhsing Youth Activity Center is the best choice for training and recreation when you travel in Shihmen, Kuanshi Recreation Area and Northern Cross-Island Highway. Nearby tourist attractions include Chuehpanshan Guesthouse, Chuehpanshan Park, Xiao-Wulai Scenic Area, Tongyen National Forest Recreation Area, Fuhsing Bridge, Lala Mountain, etc. These are also famous scenic spots in northern Taiwan. ?Please pay attention that if you No-Show without making cancel on line, we are authorized to charge your full price by credit card., ?Membership cards shown upon arrival. Membership can be purchased at hostel. Rates quoted assume guests are members of Hostelling International. A non-member supplement will be charged on arrival at hostel. Getting to the hostel: Take Taipei Bus at GuiYang Street in Taipei(the city branch in Suzhou University) ? DaXi ? Change to take Taoyuan Bus to Fuhsing Youth Activity Center. Fuhsing Youth Activity Center is suitably located in Chuehpanshan Park in Taoyuan County. Occupying the excellent location of the start of Northern Cross-Island Highway and the cliffy point at an elevation of 410 meters. Free parking is available.

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1 Chung-Shan Rd, Tse-Jen Village, Taoyuan,Chinese Taipei