Gemünd Vogelsang

Right on the doorstep the nature park Eifel is awaiting you. The 110 square metres huge area is since 2004 mainly abandoned to itself and generates therefore space for threatened animal- and plant species. Just keep your ears and eyes open and maybe you will discover one or another resident of the nature park! Especially children can`t get out of the astonishment in the jungle of tommorow- here even hiking becomes an adventorous experience. In the Eifel there are enough hiking routes: beside the „Eifelsteig“ and the „wilderness trail“ you got the choice between several shorter and longer round trips. Whoever needs a goal walks along the „Urftseeufer“ up to the former NS-Ordensburg Vogelsang. Built in 1934 from the Nationalsozialisten to train executives, nowadays the „Forum Vogelsang IP“ is a modern extracurricular learning- and cultural venue.

 Modern and close-to-nature- the youth hostel Gemünd Vogelsang

 School classes benefit from the proximity of the youth hostel to the „International Place Vogelsang“: programmes around the topics tolerance, respect and prevention are complemented by historical-political programmes and modules. The nature is obviously always on the agenda, not just at class trips but also at the offers for families and adolescents. Lastly the youth hostel, opened just in the year 2020, is located directly at the edge of the forest. With its imposingly timber-facade and the huge windows the certified national park-host integrates perfectly to the surrounding nature. Inside everything is modern and friendly. Due to 7 bright meeting rooms also conference guests appreciate the youth hostel. The highlight of the house is the premium- dayroom for up to 245 persons with a bordering roof-terrace and a separate tea kitchen.

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Im Wingertchen 9, 53937 Schleiden-Gemünd, Germany