Guesthouse Monopati

The hospitable guesthouse combines accommodation in the village of stone builders, with the tradition, the local cuisine and the physical exercise in the Macedonian mountains. The history is alive in this Martyr village and is perfectly combined with excursions in the pristine nature and in the “Paths of Peace” of Lechovo. Getting to the hostel: International airport ”Macedonia” Thessaloniki How to get there:From Thessaloniki via the highway Egnantia Odos (E90) with direction Kozani exit 12 Skopje / Florina / Ptolemaida south (A27/E65).Via Eleftherias Goumeras provincial road Afchi Daouliou-Ptolemaida and provincial road Amynteo-Kastoria with the direction to Lechovo (2 hours and 5 minutes).

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Lechovo, Amynteo 53073, Lechovo, MacedoniaGreece