Haba Jokul International Youth Hostel

The former Haba jokul international youth hostel is Haba jokul guest house where is located at the foot of Haba jokul. The owner named Mr.He who is the first one to reach the peak of Haba jokul. From that time,his family members also climbed to the peak of Haba.From the openning of the hostel,they succussfully led more than 1000 people to reach to the peak of Haba jokul without any safety incident. All these came from their strong mountain climbing experience and strict safety value. The hostel is also very popular and famous because of it. Haba jokul intermational youth hostel welcome all climber and travler all over the world!

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North of Jiantand Dong Road, Shangri-La, Yunnan Province 674400, Shangri-LaChina