Wander Youth Hostel Haikou Qilou old street

Located in Haikou arcaded streets, Wander Youth Hostel has combined with Sculpting in Time, a coffee shop, to be an accommodation-available café. Sculpting in Time standing on the first floor caters coffee and meals while Wander Hostel standing the second to fifth floor stands offers accommodation. The café blends itself into the rich culture of arcaded streets, quiet, concise but romantic and elegant. In the daytime, you can immerse yourself in the books, enjoying a cup of coffee, while at the starry night, you can embrace the peace and serenity of the street on the terrace. Day or night, sunny or rainy, Sculpting in Time and Wander youth Hostel are right here waiting for you.

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No.100, Jianlou Old Street, Zhongshan Road, Longhua district, Haikou, Hainan, 46China