Hefei Valent International Youth Hostel

Valent international youth hostel is located at Shuguang road in hefei. Hefei valent international youth hostel bridge cultural traits, carrying the old red column will last century style of old buildings shall be maintained, at the same time introducing modern leisure slow life decorates a style elements, made it the perfect combination of modern and traditional. Its main body is composed of a three layer building, from the 1980 s, has a modern building, it is difficult to see the cloisters patio and 360 ° super large terrace. Universal QingLv Ann in busy streets, lush green vegetation, charactizing a fine spring day. Guest room pure and fresh and simple, complete supporting facilities, is in the 1 sense, see a new world.

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Shuguang Road, Baohe District, Hefei, Anhui, 34China