“Helibrunna” – the source that feeds the Siebenrohrenbrunnen or Seven Tube Fountain on Kiliansplatz square today once gave Heilbronn its name. And Kleist made the city immortal with his play “Käthchen von Heilbronn” (“Katie of Heilbronn”).

The town of the Neckar between Wartberg and Wertwiesen, Waldheide and the Neckar valley is not just famous for the Käthchen oriel window. Even today, the Götzenturm (tower of Götz von Berlichingen), Bollwerksturm (“bulwark tower”) and the tower of St Kilian’s Church rise high above the town. The AQUAtoll fun pool (currently limited opening hours), the Neckarhalde and Gesundbrunnen outdoor pools, as well as the Soleo municipal pool or a pedal boat race ensure fun in and on the water. Breitenau Lake, the largest bathing lake in northern Württemberg, lies in front of the gates of Heilbronn.

Cyclists and hikers will find plenty to do in the district, too: they can enjoy nothing but nature on tours through the Tauber, Kocher, Jagst and Neckar valleys. And how about a trip to the Archaeological Museum in Deutschhof? Or Experimenta? See you soon!

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