Hostel Tankar Inn

Hostel Tankar Inn, located on the lighthouse island’s pilot station, is a modern hiking hotel where you can stay in comfortable double rooms. Tankar is a versatile travel destination in the Kokkola archipelago, offering unforgettable nature experiences and glimpses of traditional island life for the leisurely observer.

You’ll experience the atmosphere of the lighthouse island best by staying on the island. Spending a night on the island is a unique experience, and your imagination takes you back to old times as the lighthouse beam glides through the dimming summer night. Hostel Tankar Inn offers high-quality accommodation in renovated double rooms within the pilot station building. The hostel features shared shower, toilet, kitchen, and lounge areas. The sauna and terrace are available for guests. A well-equipped modern kitchen and cozy lounges can be transformed into meeting or event spaces for small groups.

The tower of the pilot station is also available for rent as accommodation. The windows offer a 360-degree view in all directions, and the room comes with its own observation deck. The tower room is also air-conditioned.

Smooth transportation connections with M/S Jenny add to the abundant service offerings. On the island, you can participate in a free island tour, visit the fishermen’s church, the fishing museum, or join a lighthouse tour. The nature trail on the lighthouse island winds through the island’s numerous historical sites and guides you through the unique plant life of the outer archipelago. During bird migration seasons, there’s plenty to spot in the archipelago. Tankar Lighthouse Island has been inhabited by fishermen and seal hunters since the 16th century. The island’s history of thousands of stories is still very much present.

When making an accommodation reservation, please also book transportation to the island. During the summer, regular departures to Tankar are operated according to a schedule. The departure port is Meripuisto (Meritie 7, Kokkola).

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c/o Kokkolan Matkailu Oy, Kokkola, 67100, Finland