Hostelli Hirvaskangas

Hostel Hirvaskangas is located along Highway 4, about 30 km north of Jyväskylä, roughly halfway between Helsinki and Oulu. Within walking distance, you’ll find dining options, a grocery store, and a pharmacy.

At Hostel Hirvaskangas, you can stay in single and double rooms, each equipped with its own refrigerator. Common areas include a kitchen, lounge, toilet and shower facilities, and a sauna. Sauna use is included in the accommodation price. Please note that unfortunately, we do not accommodate pets.

A 10-minute drive will take you to the Kapeenkoski cultural-historical area, perfect for nature excursions, with fishing opportunities available. The Kapeenkoski area, characterized by ridge and waterfall landscapes, can be accessed through a large root gate or by following paths that circle the island and the tops of ridges. Most of the area is a public recreational space, allowing everyone to explore according to the Everyman’s Right. Central Finland’s most impressive gorge, Hitonhauta, is located 12 km away. Hitonhauta is a magnificent post-glacial, approximately 800-meter-long and 30-40 meter-wide gorge valley, serving as a wonderful hiking destination. Folklore tells tales of Hitto-Menninkäinen, a mythical creature that has frightened people in the gorge. Hitto’s petrified face can be found on the cliff wall of the gorge. Within an hour’s journey from Hostel Hirvaskangas, you’ll also find both the Pyhä-Häkki (to the north) and Southern Konnevesi (to the east) national parks.

Next to Hostel Hirvaskangas, the well-known Finnish TV show “Suomen huutokauppakeisari” (The Auction King of Finland) is filmed. At Huutokauppa Palsanmäki, you can make discoveries of your own!

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Vanha Hirvasentie 13 Äänekoivisto, Äänekoski, 44250, Finland