Hualien – Kuanyun International YH

Kuanyun International Youth Hostel is located in Taroko National Park and is 100 kilometers from Hualien in the east, and 145 kilometers from Taichung in the west. It is close to the bounder of Taichung County and Nantou County. Situated at 2374 meters above sea level, Kuanyun International Youth Hostel is famous for watching cloud sea, thus deriving the name. With its spacious and comfortable layout and red-white colors, the building expresses an unique feature among the mountains.Surrounded by famous high mountains like QiLai Mt. and HeHuan Mt., Kuanyun Youth Hostel proudly possesses the view of folding mountains and surging cloud sea.With birds chirping in the valleys, flowers blooming in the woods, and stars sparkling in the sky, Kuanyun International Youth Hostel is a paradise for traveling in four seasons.sThe average temperature of 16 degrees in July makes it an ideal summer resort, and in winter it is best for snow watching., If you had never visited the Central Cross Island Highway, you can’t really claim to have been to Taiwan. In particular, Wuling is the highest top in all Southeast Asia highways. If you have a chance, you should ride bike here. Enjoy the cyclist’s worst nightmare, but also a great journey. Than you can sleep at Kuanyun Hostel, to pay tribute to your courage. Getting to the hostel: The front of Hualien Train Station Exit is a bus station. You can take Hualien bus from Hualien City to Kuanyun YH about 2.5 hours. Hualien Bus passes Kuanyun YH once every day. A person NT$326. It departs from Hualien at 8:40am to LiShan(Li Mt.) every morning reaching Kuanyun YH at about 12:00am ~ 13:00pm. Return from LiShan(Li Mt.) at 3pm to Hualien reaching Kuanyun YH at about 17:30 ~ 18:00 pm. At 117K of Central Cross-Island Highway drive about 300 meters toward the YH sign. Car motocycle parking all at the hostel outside about 12 car parking spaces on the outside. Bicycle can be parked near entrance (not allowed to enter the room). Take train to Hualien Train Station than trans Hualien bus from Hualien City to Kuanyun YH.

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GuanYuan No.22, Hualien, Chinese Taipei