Hostel Ahopää

Hostel Ahopää is located in Kiilopää, right on the edge of Urho Kekkonen National Park in the southern part of Inari municipality. The Saariselkä tourist center is 15 km away, and buses to Saariselkä stop right in front of the hostel.

Shared dormitory rooms are separated by gender. The bathroom facilities are located outside the rooms. The rooms are 2-6 person rooms. Guests have access to a communal kitchen. Sauna and shower facilities are located in the main building, which is about 50 m away. Bed linen, towels, evening sauna, and cleaning are included in the accommodation price.

In the main building of Kiilopää, you have the option to enjoy all daily meals from breakfast to a hearty dinner. Kiilopää offers comfortable accommodation, delicious food, and guided nature activities including skiing, snowshoeing, biking, and hiking. Unforgettable moments await you as you swim in the mountain stream and enjoy an authentic smoke sauna experience. During peak season, you can participate in the guided weekly program activities included in the accommodation price. The approximately 190 km long skiing and hiking trails start right from the yard, providing excellent opportunities for outdoor activities in stunning fell landscapes!

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Fell Resort Kiilopää, Kiilopääntie 620, Saariselkä, 99830, Finland