Already from afar it`s visible, the swans-castle of the former city of duke. It is the landmark and symbol of the district town at the Lower Rhine. Surely Kleve has a lot more to offer: a terrific park- and garden landscape, many fountains and monuments as well as interesting museums. Especially favoured by families is the zoological garden. Here you can experience approximate 350 animals from more than 50 different countries, the most of them are allowed to be fed. Following the baroque garden facilities are offering an awesome ambience for a picnic, relaxation or playing. Outside the city the untreated landscape invites for thrilling rambles- through the forest, the „Polder“ or along the „Kermisdahls“. Whoever likes it more to be on the road with the „Fiets“- that`s how they call a bicycle in Kleve- will find flat routes around the city on which even the smallest can stand the pace. A highlight is offered by the borderland-draisine: between the cities Groesbeek, Kranenburg and Kleve you can bike with up to 14 people on the abandoned railway line through the worth seeing landscape.

Small but excellent- the youth hostel Kleve

The youth hostel Kleve is located quiet and idyllic at the edge of the nature reserve Reichswald. It is the biggest coherent woodland of the Lower Rhine. Here many rare animals are living which you can observe with a little luck. Due to the facilities the youth hostel itself is suitable especially for families. Children love the outdoor area of the house which invites for playing, frolicing around and exploring. Music groups appreciate beside the easy atmosphere of the house especially the good facilities with rehearsal rooms and musical instruments.

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St. Annaberg 2, 47533 Kleve, Germany