Kulkuri hostellit Hauho

Our rural hostel is located along Highway 12 in Hauho. Here you can relax, engage in activities, play games, go rowing, and enjoy the gentle heat of the lakeside sauna.

We offer our guests ten unique double rooms, each with their own toilet and shower facilities. In addition, our hostel features a cozy common lounge area and a well-equipped kitchen. The hostel and each of our rooms are carefully decorated, using beautiful and environmentally friendly recycled furniture. When you stay with us, you can enjoy the soothing influence of the lush natural surroundings, momentarily forgetting the everyday noise and rush. You can also enhance your accommodation experience with the gentle sauna heat, which is included in the room price. In the summertime, you can jump directly from the sauna into the refreshing lake for a swim.

Our hostel does not provide breakfast, but you will find facilities and necessary utensils for preparing your own breakfast in our well-equipped communal kitchen. The nearest store, Alvettula Village Store, is located just over 5 kilometers away. Hauho Village’s S-Market is about 10 kilometers away.

Warmly welcome to enjoy a unique accommodation experience at Kulkuri hostellit Hauho!

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Lautsiankuja 20, Alvettula/Hauho, 14680, Finland