Linnansaaren Ekohostelli

Linnansaaren Ekohostelli is located in the Savonlinna region on the main island of Linnansaari National Park, in a sheltered bay at the Sammakkoniemi camping area. Welcome to experience natural accommodation in the Savonlinna region! Sammakkoniemi offers five summer-use log cabins, an outdoor kitchen, a campfire site, a drinking water well, outdoor toilets, a sauna, and a small café. The hostel does not have running water or electricity, making it an excellent retreat for those seeking peace and quiet. Each cabin features 2 bunk beds (a total of 4 sleeping spots), a table, and benches. Sauna shifts are available upon request.

The outdoor toilets, grill shelter, outdoor kitchen, and campfire site at Sammakkoniemi camping area are all accessible, as well as all the Sammakkoniemi piers on Linnansaari Island. On the main island of Linnansaari, two accessible nature trails can be navigated. A wheelchair ramp is also available for the cabin at the Linnansaaren Ekohostelli.

You can reach the island by water taxi, scheduled boat, or by renting a canoe. From the Hotel & Spa Resort Järvisydän in Rantasalmi, you can take a scheduled boat or canoe. The scheduled boat operates daily from Oravi to Linnansaari Island from Midsummer to the end of August (the route is served by a bow-door boat during the summer season). Learn more about transportation to the island here.

Linnansaari National Park showcases the best of Finnish lake nature. With its hundreds of islands and large open waters, it’s a paradise for waterway travelers. Here, you’ll experience true proximity to nature. Nature trails and the museum cottage are right by the cabins. The Linnansaari cottage and its surroundings are a nationally valuable cultural landscape, where visitors can explore life from the turn of the century.

Enjoy the song of birds, morning dew, and unhurried moments in the beautiful outdoors while sipping morning coffee on the cabin’s porch. The café offers canoe and rowboat rentals, as well as snacks for nature outings. You can also embark on a relaxed shepherd’s holiday with the sheep. In addition to herding sheep, you’ll have the chance to enjoy the stunning landscapes and diverse hiking opportunities of the national park.

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Oravi, Savonlinna, 58130, Finland