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Located in the territory of Heping Town, the southeast of Longsheng County, Guilin City, Guangxi, there is a large-scale terrace group, like chain like belt, winding from foot to the top of the mountain; small hill as winkle, big mountain as tower, of which, layer upon layer, scattered high and low. Their lines are compared to the flowing clouds and running water, unrestrained and smooth; their majestic scale is spectacular and magnificent, which earns a reputation of ‘The Crown of World’s Terrace’. It is Longji Terrace. Longji Terrace is 27 kilometers away from Longsheng County (about one hour drive) and 80 kilometers from Guilin City. The tourism area has a total of 66 square kilometers and its location altitude ranges from 300 meters to 1100 meters. The slope gradient concentrates on between 26—35 degree, among which the biggest one is 50 degree. Though the terrace is very common in the mountain area of Southern China, the scale of Longji Terrace as such is truly rare. Longji Terrace is started building in Yuan Dynasty and finished in the early age of Qing Dynasty which has been more than 650 years long up to the date. ‘LongJi International Youth Hostel’ was built in 2004, located in Ping’an village which has 700 up population having a same family name “Liao” and is of Zhuang nationality. Join us! Here you can always have an unexpected pleasure. Getting to the hostel: 100km from Guilin International Airport. No direct bus but hostel can arrange shuttle bus. Direct bus from Guiin railway station (book seat a day in advance). Tel: 15877000343 13877350504 Longji Youth Hostel is located on the middle of the Ping’an village.we are 15-20 minutes walk from the ticket examination office.After you pass the ticket examination gate go along the road and turn right at the first turning and then still walk along the road till you see the hostel in front of you.From the hostel walk to the magnificent scenery of terraces like’seven stars and moon’ and ‘nine dragons or five horses’just cost 25 minutes.

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Ping'An Village (Long ji Terraces), Longsheng, 541701, China