Maatilamajoitus Saarinen

Maatilamajoitus Saarinen is a private countryside courtyard located on the shore of its own Kotolampi. The location is ideal, with good paved road connections, making it a great overnight option for cyclists and motorcyclists.

The accommodation is situated in a converted barn, which can be lived in during winter, in either a yellow, green, or blue room. Linens and towels are included in the accommodation price, and breakfast is available for an additional fee. The barn has shared toilet and shower facilities, a well-equipped communal kitchen, and a living room for leisure activities. Adjacent to it is a wood-fired sauna, which used to be the old cattle shed/sauna of the house, and also offers loft accommodation. Guests can also book a tent or hammock for an additional fee. Upon request and for an extra charge, there is a large, electricity-free, traditional smoke sauna with water carried from a well and a dirt floor.

Maatilamajoitus Saarinen participates annually in the nationwide Open Gardens event, during which the pop-up café “Konatunkellari’s Café” is open. Punkalaidun is a lively rural parish offering many free sports facilities. There are nature trails and lean-tos/grill shelters scattered throughout the parish. You can experience bustling market life on Thursdays. Punkalaidun is home to the renowned Särkkä Dance Pavilion with top artists performing on summer Wednesdays by Lake Vehkajärvi. The vicarage and the town hall are also highly regarded among the most beautiful in our country.

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Vesilahdentie 435, Punkalaidun, 31900, Finland