Majatalo Haltinmaan Mallatupa

Kilpisjärvi is a village located in Lapland, with just over a hundred permanent residents, and Finland’s only mountain village. Kilpisjärvi invites travelers to memorable nature vacations all year round.

Majatalo Haltinmaa is located in an ideal spot in the heart of Kilpisjärvi village. Even in the yard, you can enjoy the unique landscapes of Kilpisjärvi, dominated by the majestic Saana Fell. The courtyard is a pleasant place for leisure. Guests staying there have access to a grill hut, a lean-to shelter, a bonfire site, and a children’s playground.

Majatalo Haltinmaan Mallatupa’s rooms provide travelers with an excellent base for exploring the landscapes of three countries. Mallatupa’s cozy accommodations and communal spaces, along with the nearby Haltinmaa restaurant and atmospheric pub, create the setting for a successful vacation in the Arm of Lapland.

Visitors to Kilpisjärvi can connect with nature regardless of the season. Summer is beautiful and intense in its brevity. The darkening nights of late summer bring northern lights to the sky. The play of autumn colors is followed by the first snow. The village is a peaceful haven between the tourist seasons of summer and winter, a time to slow down and observe nature’s preparation for winter and admire the beauty of the polar night. Winter is long and snowy, with snow lasting until May.

Kilpisjärvi serves as a gateway to the mountains of Sweden and the mountain and fjord landscapes of Norway. From Majatalo Haltinmaa, it’s convenient to embark on day trips to destinations spanning three countries. Kilpisjärvi village is located along Highway 21, right near the Norwegian border. The village has daily bus connections from Rovaniemi through Muonio and Kittilä. Additionally, during the peak seasons of summer and winter, there are bus connections from Tromsø to Kilpisjärvi.

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1 Naalikuja, Kilpisjärvi, 99490, Finland