**Additionnal information** -The hostel is closed on Sundays and Bank holidays, from 10:00 to 17:00- Check-out from 10:00 am. You can leave your luggage.- You can’t stay in the Youth Hostel between 10:00 and 13:00 (morning) and from 16:00 to 19:00 (afternoon), except as a force majeure (illness)- The Youth Hostel has signed an agreement with a doctor who can help you if you’re sick (YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY) in case of emergency and on request.- For any other information, please contact the reception.**New at MEKNES Youth Hostel**From July 1st 2008, the hostel organizes tours for HI members:VOLUBILIS & MOULAY IDRISS (the Holy City), according to the following criteria:1°) Minimum 10 participants2°) Programme: – Leaving the hostel at 9:30 am.- Arrival at VOLUBILIS at 10:15 am.- Guided tour of the Roman ruins- Leaving for My IDRISS at 12:00 am (5 km).- Lunch at My IDRISS (typical moroccan setting, with a tea on the panoramic terrace). – Visit of the Holy City at 3:30 pm.- Back at the hostel at 5:30 pm.3°) Price of the whole package: 150 DH, including:- Transportation (going and back)- Visit of the Roman ruins.- Lunch + tea- Guide4°) You must book this activity preferably in advance, on the hostel page (, or on site, subject to availability. *********************************In December 1996, Meknes was declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO Government Committee.It is one of the four Imperial cities in Morocco. During the reign of Mulay Ismail (1672 – 1727), it enjoyed a period of prosperity and what remains of the grandeur of that previous age, makes this city an important place to visit in every trip to Morocco. Mulay Ismail chose Meknes as the capital of the country for strategic reasons as well as for political and geographical factors. Apart from its architectural importance (evident even to the less informed tourists), the Casbah in Meknes enjoys a unique importance since it was the first achievement of the Alaouites Dynasty, the dynasty that has been in power, reigning for over 300 years. Getting to the hostel: 60km to FES-SAIS airport. 130km Flughafen Rabat-SALE. 230km Flughafen Casablanca Mohamed V. 2 5 km train station    Private  parking available My Idriss Zerhoun road next to Transatlantique Hotel Private parking (chargeable) 0 9 km to El Amir Abdelkader train station

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Boulvard Okba Ben Nafii, (near Transatlantique Hotel), MeknèsMorocco