Mohe Beihong Village Beiguo International Youth Hostel

The coordinates of “the north of the country” serve “the journey of youth”. The youth hostel in the north is compatible with simplicity and modernity, tranquility and vitality, nature and romance, and it is a place where people come from all over the world. The Beiguo Youth Hostel is located in Beihong Village, Mohe River, Daxing’an Mountains, Heilongjiang Province. It is the largest, most exquisite and culturally rich accommodation in the northernmost primitive village of China. The hotel covers an area of about 900 square meters. The windows of 20 standard rooms are bright and clean, warm and comfortable. Eight fire-kang rooms are large, simple and festive. Depending on the historical culture of Northeast China and the geographic characteristics of neighboring Russia, the hostel is decorated in the original style of Northeast rural area on the basis of Russian wood-carved buildings, which has the flavor of Asian-European integration. Living and tasting, the Northeast delicacies cooked in the Beiguo Youth Hostel are the most authentic, such as dumplings, pork-killing dishes, iron pot stew and green mountain treasures. If you catch up with the season of freezing and river-opening, you can also experience fishing fun. You can sit cross-legged on the Kangtou and taste a bowl of fresh river fish salvaged by yourself. Interesting and entertaining. The youth hostel in North China has KTV, bar, activity room, basketball court, farmyard, cool house, Wangjiang Hall and other entertainment facilities. The visitors either sing loudly or drink slightly; or walk in idle courtyards and look out from the railings; or paint their moods on the message wall and engrave a walking light; or wear a printed red jacket and pick up a big cigarette bag to share their feelings with friends from all over the world… Beiguo Youth Hostel is not a luxury hotel, not a business hotel, but a spiritual post in the paradise, the intimate destination of the long journey. Here, you can follow the long daytime of the summer solstice, experience the cold winter water splashing into ice, and even meet a magical phenomenon. In this invitation, let us return to nature in the North, advocate freedom, away from the noisy, wandering countryside; in the North, to find the passion of youth and the dull truth of maturity; in the North, let me meet you!

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Beihong Village, Mohe, Heilongjiang, 23China