Monschau – Castle

Whoever plans a visit at the city of Monschau should bring a lot of time. Here there`s so much to discover! First of all surely the city itself: the medieval city core with its about 300 heritage-protected houses, contorted alleys and many shops are inviting for hiking and strolling. The history of the former cloth-maker city is to track at many places in the city: in the „Rote Haus“, built in the Golden Age of the cloth-maker industry, the cultivation of home decor of the 18th and 19th century is presented. At the historical mustard museum you are able to look over the mustard miller`s shoulder and to buy real Monschau mustard. Children love the experiential museum „learning environment nature“. Here there are over 1.000 stuffed animals to be lionised- from the smallest mouse to the big lion. You`re up for the nature? Than you got the agony of choice between the unspoilt high moor landscape of the „Hohe Venn“ and the national park Eifel.

Medieval feeling included- the youth hostel Monschau-Burg

Here children`s dreams are coming true! Playing in the castle yard, climbing towers or exploring defensive corridors and subterranean aisles- this is pure adventure. For families our „Hirschhaus“ is very popular- in the 5 entirely with separate kitchen and bath/toilet equipped family-appartements you are completely undisturbed. Choirs and music groups benefit from the relaxed atmosphere and the terrific rehearsal conditions. The highlight surely is the just a few metres from the youth hostel located castle chapel from the 14th century which is suitable for up to 80 persons as a concert-, festivity and rehearsal site. It impresses by a brilliant acoustics- an ideal place for choral singings, church music and classical concert rehearsals.

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