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Komagane city in Nagano Prefecture is the town of mountain tourism, located between Tokyo and Kyoto, surrounded by 2,000 meter-high mountains Central Alps – especially famous for Mt. Komagatake, Mt. Utsugidake and Senjojiki Cirque that was scooped out by a glacier. You can easily access by ropeway. Do not miss to visit Kozenji Temple to see luminous moss and weeping cherry blossoms, and Hayataro Onsen (hot spring) to care your skin health.This hostel is located lakeside in calm and peaceful Komagane Highland as a convenient basement for climbing Central Alps – 10min walk to the bus stop for a ropeway station or 10min walk to the start point of Mt. Utsugidake climbing.Enjoy and relax here whenever you want to come! There are lots of attractive places to feel four seasons in Japan.SPRING: Weeping cherry blossoms in Kozenji Temple and narcissus around the hostel start blooming in mid-April.SUMMER: July to October is the best season for walking, trekking etc. around Mt. Komagatake and Mt. Utsugidake, which belong to “the 100 Famous Mountains of Japan”.AUTUMN: The color of leaves in Senjojiki Cirque starts changing in the end of September through mid-October. It must leave you a permanent impression!! After the sightseeing, let’s take a onsen bathing at “Hayataro Onsen” to care your body and skin.WINTER: Skiing and snowboarding at a ski resort nearby.We do not offer dinner though, there are several restaurants (Japanese, Italian and local beer pub) within 5-10min walk from the hostel. Self-catering kitchen is also available. Getting to the hostel: From JR Komagane station take a bus for Suganodai for 15 minutes and get off at Onuma-ko and walk for 1 minute (100m). JR Komagane sta.

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25-1 Akaho, Nagano Pref, 399-4117, Japan