Naruskan retkeilymaja

Naruskan retkeilymaja is a cozy accommodation in the Lapland wilderness, catering to nature and outdoor enthusiasts. It was originally a school building that was converted into lodging in 1995, offering spacious rooms, especially suitable for groups. All rooms have washbasins, tables, and chairs, with some also featuring refrigerators. In the former teacher’s room, known as the “Naruska Suite,” there is a private bathroom and a double bed. Other rooms can accommodate 8-20 people, and the smaller class provides eight bunk beds and amenities such as a refrigerator, coffee maker, and microwave.

The extensive kitchen is equipped with modern appliances and cooking utensils, including a pizza oven. There is also a spacious pantry and multiple freezers. There is a campfire site in the area for preparing outdoor meals, and guests can use an electric grill and hot-smoking ovens that work with electricity and wood. The fundamental principle of Naruskan retkeilymaja is self-sufficiency, and guests can prepare their own meals in the kitchen. Food service is available by prior arrangement.

The lounge area features a billiard table and the original school harmonium, along with a small library. In the basement, you’ll find extensive sauna facilities, which were thoroughly renovated in 2020 and can accommodate multiple people at once. The wood-heated central heating boiler room serves as a drying area for clothes.

Popular attractions and hiking destinations include Karhutunturi mountain, Sorsatunturi mountain, Naruskajoki River, Tuntsa wilderness area, and Pimiäkiuru waterfall.

Exact location: Latitude: 67.1286101 Longitude: 29.1603673

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Naruskantie 147, Naruska/Salla, 98960, Finland