Nuorisokeskus Marttinen

Nuorisokeskus Marttinen is located in Virrat in the middle of a beautiful lake landscape, in a culturally significant area. By staying at or using the services of Marttinen, you are supporting the future of young people and children. Marttinen is one of the youth centers supported and supervised by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

This versatile activity center focused on youth work is situated in a picturesque location in Virrat, in the heart of Finland. Additionally, Ähtäri Zoo’s pandas and Tuuri Village Shop are within a brisk half-hour drive.

Marttinen provides a cozy and safe environment for various camps, courses, trainings, and other events throughout the year. Our staff is more than willing to assist in organizing events. With over 20 years of experience in camp and educational activities, we offer high-quality and diverse experiences for your group. Guided activities with our youth work professionals as well as opportunities for self-led programs are available.

For independent travelers, electric fatbikes, electric mountain bikes, SUP boards, canoes, and kayaks can be rented. At Nuorisokeskus Marttinen, comfortable sleep is offered to various groups, from school camps to international youth groups and corporate well-being teams to executive teams. In addition to these, individual travelers on business trips or vacations are also welcome. Sweet dreams await in Marttinen’s log cabin apartments or hotel rooms, both located by the lake.

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Herrasentie 16, Virrat, 34800, Finland