Omaezaki – Omaezaki YH

This YH is located in Cape Omaezaki, and you can enjoy sea bathing at one of the best quality of water and marine sports such as diving and surfing. You can also see an egg laying of sea turtle at night. From autumn to spring, you can see the evening sun and the morning sun dying the sea and the sky red. You can confirm the earth is round when you go on a lighthouse. From spring to autumn, migratory birds take a rest at the beach. Getting to the hostel: ?From JR Shizuoka sta?Take a Shizuoka-Sagara Line Bus to the terminal Sagara-Eigyosho change to a bus for Omaezaki-Todai get off at Omaezaki-Kaiyo-Center and walk for 3 minutes (300m) to YH. ?From JR Kikugawa sta?Take a Kikugawa-Omaezaki Line Bus to the terminal Hamaoka-Eigyosho change to a bus for Omaezaki-Kaiyo-Center and get off at the terminal.

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43-7 Omaezaki, Omaezaki-cho, Omaezaki, 421-0601, Japan