Pasithea Mountain Chalet

Relaxation with the greek goddessThe Mountain Chalet Pasithea takes its name from the Goddess of relaxation, according to Ancient Greek mythology also known as the mother of Morpheus, the lover of sleep and one of the three Graces. Its location offers panoramic view of the valley Feneos, one of the most beautiful areas of Peloponnese. The unique wood-houses are an ideal destination for wellbeeing – all year round. Treat yourself to an invigorating break in contact with nature. The stone and wood construction and interiors of the chalets create a healthy, warm and relaxing environment. Living in a massive wood house reduces stress like walking in the woods.Mountain Chalet Pasithea is located at Feneos Valley, for its unique beauty declared as “Corinthian Switzerland”. The valley is surrounded by dense forests and the mountains bounded on the west by the region of Achaia and on the south by the region of Arcadia. The protected Natura 2000 region and the proximity of the lake Doxa (only 4 km) turns it into an ideal city break destination – all year round. Getting to the hostel: Athens From the Olympia highway (exit 15 Kiato): crossing endless vineyards you reach Stymphalia Lake with the natural wetland and the Environment Museum. Through the village of Lafka you reach Kastania where you descend to the plateau of Feneos.From the Olympia highway (exit Xylokastro): follow the upward road to Trikala. You pass peripherally from Trikala and you reach Karya (1330m). Then passing through the settlements of Ano and Kato Tarsus you go down to the Feneas Plateau.From the Olympia highway (exit Derveni): follow a mountain climbing route overlooking the Corinthian Gulf. You meet the monastery of ‘Our Lady of the Shelters’ and you arrive at Evrostini (Zacholi). Continuing your upward course you reach the Zireia bay and then downhill for Feneos crossing the forests of Sarantapicho.Through the Moreas highway Corinth-Tripoli-Kalamata (exit Nemea): passing from Ancient Nemea to the Archaeological Museum and the Ancient Stadium as well as the Nemean vineyards you climb up the road to Skotini-Stymfalia and reach Lake Stymfalia. Then through the village of Lafka you climb to Kastania and you reach Feneos Plateau.Kalavryta – Feneos: if you are in Kalavrita (mountainous Achaia) you reach Feneos following an asphalt route for one hour. You pass Kalavrita ski center and descend for the Ano and Kato Lousi and enter the area of Feneos.

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20004 Feneos Korinthia, Greece