Pu Gong Ying International Youth Hostel

I have been alive and kicking walking on the road no one to stop, never stop chasing the youth dream, so stay here. Mianyang 126 cultural and creative park a lush, sun dappled, she left a piece of old red brick factory and various times distinctive mark of the production equipment, pipeline and other antiques, also gave birth to here the first Youth Hostel – Mianyang dandelion International Youth Hostel. 18 a loft style housing, including bed rooms, double rooms, large bed rooms in three Fangxing, with independent bathroom and public compartment bathroom, 24-hour hot water supply, WiFi smooth every room, and an open public areas and warm Shuba, studio. In dandelion, do not go out to stay for a whole day, also won’t feel bored, you can be capricious molested Meng Chong wangzi, meow, free to stay in a corner, turn over a book, product a cup of tea, listening to all kinds of music, and here the friend cooking, drinking, chatting, three killed, to creative park a winding path drying sun hidden thoughts. We want to provide not only a bed, a room, but a period of rest to relax, in order to liberation for their own pleasure, a platform of understanding friends; we want to do not just a Qinglv, can be a home, a cafe, a library, a wonderful journey starting point. Lived a room, to meet few people, experience a paragraph of deep-rooted memorable or ordinary, distress of the story, CYTS feelings, dandelion all can become according to the memories of their youth. We have wine, water, coffee, do you have a story? Waiting for you, to meet the world in another way, to share the most pure travel.

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No.3 building, No.126 Cultural and Creative Park, Mianyang, Sichuan, 51China