Korholan Kartano

Korholan Kartano is located two kilometers northwest of Rautalampi town center, by the shore of Lake Liimattalansalmi. Surrounding the hostel is a traditional Finnish estate with lush, scenic courtyards and lakeside pavilions. For three decades, the hostel has served as a venue for meetings, family celebrations, courses, and more.

The unique and comfortable rooms in the main building and side buildings provide a perfect retreat. The hostel features individually decorated rooms in line with the manor’s style. Common areas offer lounges, cooking facilities, shower and toilet facilities, and laundry options. There’s a playground for children in the yard, and a lakeside beach by Lake Liimattalansalmi. A unique two-part sauna is available for rent, and there’s also a grill hut by the lakeside. The restaurant serves breakfast for an additional fee, and otherwise operates based on group reservations.

The Ateljeekoti art studio is a popular destination for art enthusiasts, showcasing paintings and drawings by artist Oili Marski. The manor has a good boating connection to the traditional Rautalampi route from its lakeside.

EtelΓ€-Konnevesi National Park is approximately 15 kilometers from the hostel and is suitable for both boaters and non-boaters. The diverse terrain includes clear ponds, steep rock walls, and high vantage points. Boaters and hikers can see the protected rock painting on the southeastern side of the park.

The comfortable rooms can accommodate around 50 overnight guests, and our fully licensed restaurant can cater to up to 150 diners.

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Korholantie 111, Rautalampi, 77700, Finland