Remembrance Youth Hostel

Remembrance is located at the pedestrian street in Moxi village of Hailuogou, Ganzi State. The hostel is committed to being a characteristic and elegant palace on the basis of clean and courteous, making you feel like a home away from home with smiley service. You can enjoy classical and cozy sunshine huts away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The beginning of the new day is not the call from the hostel-owner, but the first ray of sunshine in the morning. You can enjoy the free and high speed internet in each room of Remembrance, and also the washroom with 24-hours hot water. There are potted plants and landscapes photos in rooms so you can have a have a panoramic view of the beauty in Hailuogou without leaving your room. The first floor in Remembrance is a small cafe with wifi, books, tea, beers, and many kinds of local delicacies. In Remembrance, Coffee means Life and love, Tea means Time and Idle, Beer means Boiling and Release. You may forget your work, cast aside all your worries, just enjoy the music, the coffee, the sunshine, and also the precious freedom.

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Pedestrian Street, Moxi Village of Hailuogou, Ganzi, Sichuan, 51China