Sonnenbühl – Erpfingen

Sonnenbühl – where the sun’s at home. The landscape of Sonnenalb is ideal for walking, cycling and hiking. One of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany (HW1) passes close by the youth hostel. 

There’s always something going on in and around Sonnenbühl. In the summer, the Traumland (“Dreamland”) amusement park, the Roman open-air museum and the summer bob run. The Ostereimuseum (“Easter Egg Museum”) is an experience – not just at Easter. And how about exploring the Bärenhöhle caves? Or the Nebelhöhle cave? Or the adventure park with 9 different obstacle courses, and the fairy-tale castle of Lichtenstein?

Just want to enjoy the outdoors? One of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany (Hauptwanderweg 1 = main trail 1) is not far from the hostel. There are some magnificent hikes with unforgettable views.

Like to stroll or go shopping? Reutlingen and Tübingen await you!

The Youth Hostel Erpfingen is located 830m above sea level in about 2km to Erpfingen.

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Auf der Reute 1, Sonnenbühl, 72820, Germany