Stayokay Egmond

Stayokay Egmond is perfectly placed along the North Holland coast, a breezy 2.5 kilometers away from the beach. And get this – it’s practically best friends with the North Holland Dune Reserve. Imagine nature’s playground right at your doorstep.

But that’s not all! Towns like Alkmaar and Bergen are a hop and a skip away – 10 and 9 kilometers, to be exact. And those famous tulip fields? Yep, they’re here too. It’s like a picture-perfect postcard waiting to happen.

So, what makes this place tick? We’ve got private rooms and dorms that’ll make you feel right at home. Plus, there’s a bar for those chill evenings, a restaurant that’s ready to serve up some deliciousness, and not one, not two, but four multi-purpose areas for all your group meeting and workshop needs. Plus, if you’re looking for a breather after your adventure-packed day, the lounge and sun-soaked terraces are waiting for you to kick back and relax. Oh, and each room’s got its own shower and toilet, which we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

Egmond’s a must-visit too. You’re right next to those dunes, with the beach a short bike ride away. And the North Holland Dune Reserve? It’s a natural wonderland where the sand dunes reach incredible heights – we’re talking 38 meters of pure beauty. There’s no shortage of things to do. You can go for walks, take scenic bike rides, lounge by the beach, or get lost in the colourful fields of flowers. Oh, and Alkmaar’s famous cheese market? Yep, it’s all within reach.

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Herenweg 118, Egmond-Binnen, Egmond, 1935 AJ, Netherlands