Stayokay Soest

Stayokay Soest is a haven nestled amidst lush woodlands and just a hop away from the enchanting Soester dunes. It’s practically paradise for all you outdoor enthusiasts out there.

From the bar to the restaurant, the lounge to the football and basketball courts, we’ve got everything you need for a good time. Ever heard of forest golf? Yeah, we’ve got that too, along with seven multi-purpose room that are perfect for everything from weddings to workshops – talk about versatile! Oh, and let’s talk morning rituals. Every night’s stay comes with a breakfast that’s the perfect start to your day. And you’re not missing out on the Wi-Fi either.

But hold onto your hiking boots, because around Stayokay Soest, the options are endless. You can walk through scenic trails, pedal your way through the dunes, take a dip and swim, or channel your inner golfer in the forest golf area.

If you’re in the mood for a bit of city exploration, nearby Amersfoort has got you covered. Museums, historical attractions like the Lieve Vrouwe tower, and the iconic Sint Joriskerk church are waiting for your visit.

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Bosstraat 16, Soest, 3766 AG, Netherlands