Tabouk Area

Tabouk Youth Hostel is located near the international Road that leads to Amman – Egypt. It provides individual and group accommodation. Meals such as breakfast, lunch and dinner are served and members are provided with many sports, cultural and social activities. It participates in community services by carrying out some of its social programs. Getting to the hostel: The nearest airport is Tabouk National Airport which is about 25 kilometers away from the hostel. Those who may arrive via the airport can get to the hostel by taxi or car 8:00 USD Tabouk Youth Hostel is located inside King Khalid bin AbdulAziz Sports City Amman–Egypt Road. It was established in 1401H/1981. It has a vital and strategic location as it truly considered the front reception place which welcomes visitors and travelers who come via the international Road from neighboring Arab countries to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and because it is located near Prince Fahd bin Sultan University the security authorities and Saudi Armco

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Amman Rd, King Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Sports City, TaboukSaudi Arabia